All volunteers with the Travis County Sherriff’s Office must meet the following standards:

  • No convictions for any aggravated or sexual offenses.

  • No arrests within the past 24 months.

  • If on Parole and/or Probation: (Normally applies to Substance Abuse/12 Step Programs)

    • Must have a written recommendation from their Parole/Probation Officer

    • Must provide evidence of employment or legitimate means of livelihood

    • Must have been on Parole/Probation for at least 12 months without any incarceration time or adverse reports.

  • No outstanding warrants.

Interested parties must submit the following through our application:

  • Statement of Interest: What do you want to teach? Why do you want to teach in this program? What are your goals, intellectually and pedagogically? (one page)

  • CV

  • Reference name and contact information

 Upon acceptance, applicants will be contacted via email with the next steps of the admissions process and a semester timeline. If approved by the IL admission committee, all instructors must submit the following to the TCCC programs coordinator by the specified deadline:

  • TCSO Volunteer Application

  • Legible copy of your Texas State DL or ID

Submission of a volunteer application gives TCSO permission to run a criminal background check on volunteer applicants.