Our Programs

We use Community-Based Learning, a teaching approach distinguished by an emphasis on reflection as well as collaboration and reciprocity among community members. Community-Based Learning programs enrich students’ academic experience and encourage civic engagement while confronting community challenges and supporting community interests.

Inside Literature reminds people that they belong to a community by creating those ties through literature as a common ground. Literature allows students a mediated approach to sensitive topics like identity, race, employment, etc. and promotes community ties when read and discussed together.



Literature provides an opportunity for self-reflection, both when it is read and when it is discussed. Engaging with literature provides opportunities for self-discovery, self-efficacy, and critical thinking.


IL fosters human connection in the meeting ground of the literary text. Both teachers and students have something to learn and something to teach in our program. Teachers lead class sessions in teams of two to model collaboration as well as to provide witnessing and accountability during the class sessions.


We believe literature is primarily a meeting place, secondarily a professional discipline.  We believe in a student-centered approach to encourage learning from others through engagement with literature. Dialogue is an essential aspect of the program.


Above and beyond the professional integrity mandated by a career in the Humanities, IL is committed to contributing to the community as educators to make the study of literature available to as wide an audience as possible.