Instructors teach at a pre-trial facility. The average stay for students is only 3 months, and enrollments are subject to change in each course as some students are unable to finish a course for various reasons. Instructors should:

  • Wear business attire

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for security and visitor’s badge

  • Bring only Driver’s License, keys, books, and paper (you may carry a bag for these items) and leave everything else in your car or in one of the lockers at the facility

    • NO: metal of any kind, paper clips, staples, cell phones, electronics.


  • Construct Syllabus & Reading Schedule for selected text

  • Provide accompanying discussion materials such as:

    • Vocabulary lists

    • Handouts (terms, further information, context, timeline, etc)

Course content

  • The Travis County Correctional Complex is a pre-trial facility

  • Our students’ cases are being adjudicated—they have not been convicted

  • Average length of stay is 3 months

  • 4-6 week syllabus

  • 1 main text per course or several shorter texts

  • Focus is primarily critical reading & discussion of text

  • Optional writing assignments to which the instructor gives written feedback

 Classroom setting:

  • Majority of population is male

  • Women are a smaller portion of the population and teachers must be flexible in scheduling courses for women

  • The maximum enrollment for any course is 25, this number may go down as students are sometimes transferred, released, etc.


  • 1-3 days a week, 60-90 minute classes; scheduling is arranged with the program coordinator at the facility

  • AM or PM classes (Programs opens at 8:30AM and closes at 1:30 PM, PM classes are not in the programs building but in one of the blocks at the facility)

  • Classes are co-taught and may also have additional support from an Assistant Instructor

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